The company

Holden Medical is a manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals and medical disposables based in the Netherlands. Since 1994 we have specialized ourselves in the manufacturing and marketing of (branded) generic prescription drugs and OTC products.

Our goal is to make medical care available to all areas of the world. We try to achieve this by giving organizations and institutions the possibility to acquire safe and affordable products with a proven quality.

Holden Medical has it's own production facility in India, next to strong joint ventures and contract manufacturing agreements with manufacturers from Cyprus, Albania, India and China.

Our product range is clearly divided into two product lines. The 'Hospital line' is the product range we started with and which is suitable to cater to institutions such as hospitals, GO's and NGO's. This line appears on the market under the Holden Medical label. Nowadays we deliver our products to more than 30 countries in the following regions: Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Far East. There is a continuous development of products according to our own specifications, and in some cases to the customer's specifications.

The success of our 'Hospital line' created a demand for our products from local medical doctors and pharmacies. To meet this demand we developed a special pharmacy line called HM Generics™. For more information please go to